growing up girl

over here. [a view.]

cherish over here. [a view.]
daisy over here. [a view.]
malena over here. [a view.]
revamp over here. [a view.]
toast over here. [a view.]
twinkle over here. [a view.]
mags over here. [a view.]
too much of a good thing, can be wonderful. mae west

over here the week was filled with walks downtown, a few eats here and there and a much welcomed warm up.  the sun is shining, delilah is loving getting out each day and going for a walk and i am ready for tacos to go and cocktails on the porch.  today on a walk home i could see the happy hints of pink greeting me from a block away. magnolia blossoms drenching the branches. i mean, how can you not stop, breathe and take a few pictures to share with the world. gorgeousness.

tomorrow is our farmers market kick off. i won’t lie, i have been waiting for this all dang winter. baked goods, candles and a little dose of community. i think clover is ready to get out of her stall for a little ride downtown.  she has missed me, i know so.

the weekend plan here is to get out and soak up this amazing weather. the winter was long, time to say hello to the sun.

(tell me, what’s going on in your lands?)

growing up. girl. [# tbt]

image8 600x600 growing up. girl. [# tbt]
me and pops, easter 1967

banana seat bikes.
riding to the pool.
coppertone tan lines
campfires and fireflies.
the big white barn.
family camp.
laying on the dock watching clouds.
handmade easters.
and no clue the goodness life would hold.

growing up.

over here. [sacred life]

image7 450x600 over here. [sacred life]

over here you might see me walking up the street. heading to the shop to pour warm cups of joe.

over here you might see me in full on nap mode trying to keep the harry little hormones at bay. today hormones 1, me 0.
over here you might just hear me practicing my yoga breath.
over here i could be seen with tears trickling in frustrations of fear and wonder.
over here you would look in the shop window and see my head thrown back in giggling thunder, while another keeps me entertained.
over here my head is full of ideas and plans and dates.
over here i cleaned off the coffee table and restarted the scene. the aztec600 has a new station in life, waiting for new stories to share.
over here the mid april air is crisp still and i carry my blankie around the house like i am linus.
over here i snuggle into the new patterns of less is more, slowing my eves down with hook and threads.
here i fill fresh clean pages with story and color. #fillitupbuttercup

over here. i stay. in the middle ready for what tomorrow is preparing. just for me.

.    .    .    .    .

when i need a reminder that this life is all mine to conquer  -  this little nugget has become a go to. (tell me, what is your go to.)

The Journey
One day you finally knew 
what you had to do, and began, 
though the voices around you 
kept shouting 
their bad advice—
though the whole house 
began to tremble 
and you felt the old tug 
at your ankles. 
“Mend my life!” 
each voice cried. 
But you didn’t stop. 
You knew what you had to do, 
though the wind pried 
with its stiff fingers 
at the very foundations, 
though their melancholy 
was terrible. 
It was already late 
enough, and a wild night, 
and the road full of fallen 
branches and stones. 
But little by little, 
as you left their voices behind, 
the stars began to burn 
through the sheets of clouds, 
and there was a new voice 
which you slowly 
recognized as your own, 
that kept you company 
as you strode deeper and deeper 
into the world 
determined to do 
the only thing you could do—
determined to save
the only life you could save.
..mary oliver

(bauble by the amazing kristin randall, mood swing studio.)


image1 600x600 groove. image 600x600 groove. image2 600x600 groove. image3 600x600 groove. image4 600x600 groove. image5 600x600 groove. image6 600x600 groove.

your heart is full of fertile seeds, waiting to sprout.  ::morihei ueshiba

groove: when i am in it, life is sweeter.

one. buy flowers.
two. open that journal and start marking. however it flows. #fillitupbuttercup
welcome in more health. move, juice and giggle.
fill your space with bits that make you happy. maybe they bring up happy memories or maybe they just add to your creative groove.
do one thing each day that gets you off the social media, slows your mind. i brought crochet back into my day. it is like mediation.
notice – look up more. watch the sky and breathe.
allow the little things be the BIG things. sending kisses puts a smile on someone’s face. (for real, these came thru the mail and i smiled.) simple.

so tell me, how do you find your groove.

blossom. pretty little stories.

blossom 600x600 blossom. pretty little stories.
“and the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”  ― anaïs nin

i am over here knee deep in blank panels, chunky cardboard and a bit of gold glitter. march will be filled with my blossoms filling our community gallery for the month of march. in true creative spirit, i am adding new things and there as inspiration hits my noggin. this series seems different to me. closer for some reason. 

today i could feel a sense of excitement fill my weariness of the past month. a very welcomed shift. as i searched for words to fill the story, i came upon a quote and instantly it felt like home. and so pretty little stories takes her next step.

pretty. little. stories
athens art gallery – crawfordsville, indiana
march 5th – 31st
show opening – march 7th

if you live near, please join us. and if you don’t,  keep me close. i always appreciate that!

glittered. oh dang.

biteme 600x600 glittered. oh dang.

you+me 600x600 glittered. oh dang.

sweets 600x600 glittered. oh dang.

NEW! glittered slices have hit the shelf! you can find yours in the shop.

new bits. (groove.)

thanks.moo  428x600 new bits. (groove.)

grow.moo  428x600 new bits. (groove.)

good things are going to happen.

each year brings new love.

today i ordered new postcards to tuck away into each order to share a little thanks! i love the thick paper makes me swoon. i can’t wait to come home and find
the moo box on my front steps.

i love the quote above and to be honest, i have no clue who said it originally. but i see it printed on posters all over etsy and pinterest. it is sweet and to the point. focus on the good. keep going. be happy and live the life. yep. it is that simple.

good things are going to happen.

you know. keeping in the groove.

.    .    .    .    .

groovygirl2 600x600 new bits. (groove.)

i have put some older originals back in the shop and in the spirit of finding them new walls to love, i have lowered the price on several of them.
hop on over and see if something might need to head to your house! i will wrap it up sweetly and send them on their happy way.

seven. sunday. love.

sunday seven 21 421x600 seven. sunday. love.
“life is made up of small pleasures. happiness is made up of those tiny successes. the big ones come too infrequently.  and if you don’t collect all these tiny successes, the big ones don’t really mean anything.”
— norman lear

a day filled to the brim with quiet bones. happy color and little reminders that we get to make this be just what we want it to be.

here is my sunday. love.

one. one prompt full of lesson. a girl asks me to create a slice from a photo she shared. my interpretation. it is simply amazing to feel my soul open up and add lines. style. color. my story.

two. a clean sheet. a little graphite and inks waiting in the wings. begin.

three. a clean slice waits for the story to close in all the rings of growth.

four. a new discovery….a cori dantini tray makes for a happy paint tray for couch painting.

five. a new story. begins.

six. a girl soaks up the light of the minty green room. (she could feel the warmth of the space heater in the next room, hitting her toes)

seven. brave. love. the brave. love. series came about when a dear girl shared a story about an act of “brave love”

i am falling in love with each new story. today i just needed to paint. clean and simple. 

little bits of pleasure. wrapping around life and rolling into a bundle of happy.

tucking this deeply into a little pocket.

how was your sunday.

shake off the day. word.

shakeoff.word  345x600 shake off the day. word.
hope your day was swell.

life is so freakin’ busy. take a little time to slow it all down. do little things that make you happy, even when others tell you that you shouldn’t. or that you need to be somewhere else or doing something else. create a space that fills you up. 
really, it is okay.

hell to the yeah. (groove.)

green 4 hell to the yeah. (groove.)

green 3 600x600 hell to the yeah. (groove.)

green 2 600x600 hell to the yeah. (groove.)

green 5 600x600 hell to the yeah. (groove.)

greens1 600x600 hell to the yeah. (groove.)
all the leaves are brown and the sky is gray.
i’ve been for a walk on a winter’s day.
i’d be safe and warm if i was in L.A.;
california dreamin’ on such a winter’s day.
(the mamas and the papas)

i have been thinking about things over here. 

the eating, the sleeping, the sitting. yep, that sitting will get to you after a bit. i work from home mostly and i am at the computer a lot. i also sit when i paint. and during this long winter i always seem to find myself falling into the trap of snacking more. and sitting more.  last sunday as #snowmageddon hit, bryce asked if i would want to go work out. every stinking time he does this i can feel my body revolt. i tense up and i think not nice things. bryce runs marathons. he exercises every day. for him running and exercise is what creating is to me. but creating doesn’t keep wintery lbs off. and sometimes i look at him and i want to slap him because i can’t keep weight off and he is a twig right now.  insert disclosure ( i realize that truly the weight thing at the end of the day doesn’t matter. and this isn’t about how much one should weigh so stick with me. )

for me, as i turn with each new year, i learn more about me. and with each one of the turns i feel more complete with who i am. and i love that. some days it is hard for me to see how far i have come in this life. but i do know that i have had body issues since i was a little girl. what first started with deep insecurities, turned to the not enough and then to the i am not as skinny as her, as tall as her, blah blah blah. but it is real and it has to be dealt with daily or it rolls into a hefty snowball.

with the turn of this year, i am looking at my fifty turns. it is so hard for me to even say that without giggling. i mean. how the heck did that even happen. how do i have pixies who are grown and out on their own, for the most part. some days when i think back over the different events i often think. mostly think – wow that could have been handled differently. or shit! you rocked that. 

back to sunday. i felt my body tighten and my mind say grrrrrrrrr. and then i made the choice to say YES.  and then the next sunday (yesterday) he asked again. i felt that urge to throw something at him again! but i made myself say YES even faster this time. 

so…..more the the hell yeah!

yes. to being kinder to my health and body. we juice, eat well rounded meals but i can fall off the healthy wagon so easily. so yes to maintaining that goodness more on a daily basis

yes. to moving more. whether it is running (slow jog), yoga, hoolahooping or even walking orders 4 blocks to the post and back. more movement.

yes. to little adventures. taking off and soaking up whatever we find along the way.

yes. to finding some new clothes! 

yes. to more trips to ikea! i mean who doesn’t get happy at ikea. (okay i know two dudes, but there is a bar nearby. they can deal.)

yes. to signing up for some summertime 5ks.

yes. to wearing a happy bright lipstick

yes. to getting rid of what we haven’t used. looked at or need for the last few years.

yes. to planning a BIG birthday party.

but mostly. yes to whatever i think deserves my yes. because when i am in my groove, the cranks are squelched. 

what would you like to say yes to?

.   .   .   .   .

groove 600x600 hell to the yeah. (groove.)
this is my word that i am channeling as this year turns. i am creating happy little custom slices. these tuck perfectly into tiny sacred spaces. on your personal altar, wherever you need it to be for a sweet reminder. if you would like to add a pretty little slice to your space, hop on over to the shop. i would love to create one just for you!