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be kind. 5 things (sacred life.)

there is a big movement around kindness and let’s just be honest, it is necessary. and as much as i want to be kind and i think i am kind, i also know that some


a little DIY. (naked.)

around here we have been working to bring in more good stuff to our daily lives. more brown and blue bottles filled with natural concoctions and less cans full of aerosols and heavy cleaning products.


5 little pick me ups. (over here.)

when the morning throws you gloomy skies, cold cold toes and a wonky start, you can sit and allow it to take over or you can feed your day and your soul. here is what

hello monday

hello monday.

–no one is you and that is your power.– dave grohl (i love him.) carry on.


7 little things making me happy. (sacred life.)

if you laugh, you think, and you cry, that’s a full day. that’s a heck of a day. you do that seven days a week, you’re going to have something special. (jimmy valvano) my pretty



she left pieces of her behind her everywhere she went. it is easier to feel sunlight without them, she said. (story people.) day. one. leaving much behind. shedding bits and adding newness in. sprinkling each new

shopsmall thanks

one full heart. xoxo.

yesterday was filled with some good stuff. i am so grateful to each of you who shopped my wares. orders will be heading out the door this week. and new wares will be settling in through


shop. small. love.

oh me. oh my. it is SHOP SMALL SATURDAY. and since i am a small shop owner and because i get to do what i love each day, i am so grateful to each of


who wants a pretty little blossom. (a giveaway.)

my SOULFULL class (hosted on the (jeanne oliver network) begins monday.  and to make it extra spicy, i am going to add a little giveaway. it’s pretty simple,  register by monday the l7th (I0pm – est.) and you will


a November interview [with jeanne oliver]

i am so happy to share some fun. (i mean i haven’t posted in a month. i would say it’s about time.)  last week i made a cup of tea, i cleared a space around