.naked monday.

.naked monday.

.a naked monday.

today i have decided to bare all. i mean really – is it that big
of a deal. for each of you to see that i have very blonde eyelashes.
that my cheeks really aren’t that rosy pink, that my hair has to
be ironed and rolled in order to have the appearance of not early
balding? yep this is me.


this is how i look most everyday until i rush out the door to run
errands, work at the course or head to the gallery.

why on earth would i set myself like this…you ask.

because i am 46 years old and this is me.

me . patchouli wearing me.
me . thinning hair . dye job me.
me . a little behind on jobs, trying not to panic me.
me . hoping that you will be brave and go naked me.
me . because i saw two others naked and liked it me.

this morning as i caught up on a few blogs.
the amazing liv who chooses beauty and
anne marie reminded me about being brave.
showing themselves in such raw moments.
it reminded me of my wishcast last week on
being brave. i am also wearing my searcher
necklace by liz lamoreux. i love it. and today i
wear it for miss anne-marie. because i get it.

so for today . in the midst of some heavy life
toe jam. here i am . naked . brave . and smiling.

i know you are brave too.



  1. kelly lish
    April 4th

    You are soooooo beautiful-I love your face and I love your words! xo

  2. Jenn
    April 4th

    totally beautiful, powerful you.
    brave you.
    inspiring you.

  3. Jenn
    April 4th

    also eeee! patchouli! i love finding other people who wear patchouli. kindred spirits.

  4. melissa
    April 4th

    I love you…naked and brave…so very brave! xo

  5. As I rubbed my eye this morning with tea sitting at work in front of my monitor I realized I slathered on some face lotion and forgot to put on anything else. I don’t wear much make up but I do like to dull down the shine of a greasy faced 45 year old girl and add pink to cheeks and eyelids. So in some ways I’ve had a naked Monday.

    Here’s some more nakedness.

    me.bottle red curly haired. me
    me.dark circles under eyes.glasses on top of head.me
    me.gained 20+lbs and uncomfortable in my own clothes.me
    me.always afraid of what people think.me

    Sorry about your heavy life toe jam.

    • kelly
      April 4th

      miss nina girl. i am so happy i have you in my life. you are an amazing artist . friend . and soul.

      the toe jam is much better today and having you send me your little notes has been the best.

      • Nina
        April 6th

        This picture of you is beautiful.

        Glad to hear the toe jam isn’t so crusty – a little sunshine is in order for you.

  6. sara b.
    April 4th

    you. inspiring beyond words i can think of you
    you. brave and sincere you
    you. beautifully naked and honest you

    i love all of these things about YOU. you and i share something i can’t explain… i don’t know that i have met many people in this world that i feel this close to yet barely know, in the conventional sense anyway.

    you mean a great deal to my everyday, miss kelly b.! know that the universe is working some sort of magic for you, even if you can’t see it clearly (ahem, i need to take my own advice ;)

    as for me:
    me. always ambre or patchouli wearing me
    me. naked face almost every. single. day. due to my self-conscious making unlikeable rosy red cheeks from rosacea me
    me. struggling, panicking, worrying me
    me. just me

    i {heart} you, kelly!

  7. When I am 46 I hope to be as
    totally gorgeous
    and beautiful as you.

  8. Lisa G.
    April 4th

    You are stunning, my friend. From the inside out.

    Thank you for this!!!!

  9. you are gorgeous, girl! so glad you bared all. now we can officially have a slumber party someday, somewhere…because we already know what each other looks like in the morning. ;o)

  10. bonitarose
    April 4th

    U know I love you. And you are brave. And so am I. xo

  11. Kelly Berkey
    April 4th

    you are gorgeous!!
    i posted me naked on my 44th birthday. it’s kind of freeing!!

  12. Liz
    April 4th

    you are my idol, in all things brave, and you’re kinda hot too… make up or not, toe jam or not, yeah, kinda hot I’d say… xoxo

  13. beth
    April 5th

    i love your nakedness…..and your braveness !!!!

  14. kolleen
    April 5th

    you – gorjuss inside and out

    me – grateful to call you friend

    i started thinking of the song “come as you are” by nirvana while i was typing this.

    come as you are naked and free…you are a beauty!

    loving you soul sistah!

  15. Elizabeth
    April 5th

    you – beautiful inside and out.

    i feel like i am always naked – because i pretty much do nothing to hair and face so how i look is about how i roll out of bed. but i am sure there are lots of other areas where i hide myself – want to think about them now.

  16. sometimes being naked can be chilly…but doing so allows you to be warmed by others…
    thank you for warming me in my nakedness, sweet girl…
    sending some warmth right back atcha…

  17. Jennifer
    April 6th

    You are stunning! so stunning! I just adore you. I love that you stepped out of your comfort zone and did this. So courageous and brave of you. I admire and honor your strength and courage.

  18. Grace
    September 8th

    Absolutely beautiful on the outside but…most especially on the insides! Kelly girl….you are our brave, inspiring bit of loveliness.

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