sunday soup. sunday love. sacred life.

sunday soup. sunday love. sacred life.

“and in the end, the love you take
is equal to the love you make. “   -beatles.

it has been a week to say the least. the beginning
seemed to shine shine shine. new tools, new focus
a new smile.  friday was a day of reminders – and
a rather slow day where those tools were tested,
focus was blurred and the smile came – went -
and returned once again.

life is full of these days. what i know is that
my life
 here is changing. full of good amazing
exciting stuff.
 and mixed in between those colorful
layers are little pockets
 that still need to be filled.
that sometimes house darks
 areas that need to
mend,words that i find so hard to 

saturday as bryce and i drove home from a dinner
out in
 another lazy little town, i heard this small
quivering voice
 saying…..(i will save you from the
whole conversation)
 that she needed it to change. 

not my life per say, but the landscape perhaps.

what was so sad was as i heard that girls words leave
her mouth, what i heard was a little girl. and i sat there
as those words left my mouth shocked that it has finally
came to these few words. as poor bryce drove us safely
 listening to me. always listening with that stable
posture, watching
 to road. i often wonder if he is truly

and this isn’t to be a depressing post. i am sitting here
 fine. knowing what the path is and that if i stay on
it, in the end
 to result will be a goal met. a simple reflection
on an evening with
 a couple who will soon see the last
chickadee fly from the nest. on
 her way to her new life. and
options will be new, different.

i am the dreamer, he is the planner. i am the one ready to pack
up the house as soon as he says – we can do it. he is the one
who rarely stumbles or takes a new course. me – i am the one
scheming, planning – researching that new landscape. he can
sit in a room of crap and take it from all sides and i am the one
who will finally blow standing up saying…..are you !*(%!+#
kidding me. (although i have a few new tools for these moments
that i am quote enjoying the use of.) 

 i love this dude. marriage. 

so i plan . scheme . dream. each filling up that pot
with nourishment that  fills the soul. warms the
heart and keeps that day pulled all together.

soup. love. sacred life. 

and so this sunday…..i think i will celebrate a few
things in life that throw some light over here. things
that allow us to be a shining happy people.

today would have been johnny cash’s 80th birthday.
i could listen to him sing to me all day long.

“You build on failure. You use it as a stepping stone.
Close the door on the past. You don’t try to forget the
mistakes, but you don’t dwell on it. You don’t let it
have any of your energy, or any of your time,
or any of your space.”  -johnny cash

juicing has become of most mornings over here. bryce
has even began to enjoy one a day. if you are looking
for a simple way to feel better, i highly recommend it
and kris carr is a perfect place to start. it seems radical
and of course i am no where close to her way of living,
but there are many resources that help.
crazy sexy life.   i will work on the middle part! the
crazy and the life are well established.

here is a great article from liz kalloch with
scoutie girl. liz is always full of happy
ideas and simple ways to move forward.
i dig her.

a little reminder – the 15% of all shop
sales going to two select children’s
hospital will end soon. while i happy
that i have checks ready to send i would
love to add a little more to the pot. if you
have your eye on anything – this is a perfect
way to SHARELOVE.  come on over
and join in.

a happy week to each of you.




  1. Nina
    February 26th

    thanks for honest. peace no matter where your journey leads you.

  2. Kate Daniel
    February 26th

    thinking of you..and trusting that everything will unfold as it should. luv u

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