rock. love. sacred life.

rock. love. sacred life.

“the light came down like rain & we soaked it in for the winter”



  1. liz
    October 17th

    love this so much.
    (and i still can’t [cannot] believe you didn’t pick this up…)

  2. colleen attara
    October 18th

    Simply stated. perfect.

  3. Patty
    October 19th

    love the image and the quote!!

  4. Cyndi S
    October 20th


  5. Elizabeth
    October 22nd

    That rock! And the image. And the quote. Love all of it. That is what I need to do whenever the sun shines upon me here.

  6. Celina
    October 22nd

    That photo is very, very swoon worthy!

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