a happy little friday. hello day.

a happy little friday. hello day.


one of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on christmas day. don’t clean it up too quickly. ~andy rooney

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how are we all doing!  me? oh thanks for asking. i am doing okay! working away. finishing up little obligations here and there. putting out more decorations as i have time. and tonight heading to get my last bit of shopping done. now to just find a couple of hours to get things wrapped and under the tree. yep! this is me every year. with each holiday season i claim that this one will be all scheduled out, extra pretty and with crafty bits and cookies part of the fun too. of course, things always looks nice and i have brunch ready for the kids, but rarely does any of the other stuff happen. so i typically have a meltdown, feel bad for a day – wake up to the sun and just deal with what i have.

this is me. the real. the beautiful mess.

i will be closing the shop soon. i am ready for a little revamp. cleaning off the dusty shelves to make them sparkle again. getting taxes ready for february and just hanging out in this house that i love.  life just gets to crazy. this year, the end of the year and beginning of the new will be spent just doing those things i love most (taxes not included) and getting back to the true reason i have a studio on the third floor.

what about you? are you scheming up any dream refreshers?  tell me – i want to hear all about it.

come back sunday for a little look into my week. san antonio was so good.




  1. rachel awes
    December 22nd

    love the andy quote!
    + you.
    merry christmas dear friend.
    lovelovelove. ringing it in.

  2. kelly
    December 23rd

    love you rachel awes. and thank you for always stopping by here and letting me know that you see me. i kinda dig that.

    merry. merry. merry to you too

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