oh dang. the love lounge.

oh dang. the love lounge.



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the weekend was filled with really happy crazy fun.

saturday morn i woke up way too early, but my partner in crime was sweet enough to pack up the old reliable vue for me with my vintage trunks full of my wares and colorful stuff. the day was spent in the love lounge. my very first POP UP shop. music played, the ceiling filled with strobes and people…..soooo many people. we popped up in the midst of the indie arts & marketplace. amazing vintage finds, stories to share of our love of vintage campers and so many new friends found. our room rocked if i do brag myself. a little shout out to those who jammed with the dj as she played another song…..

pam anderson – bean blossom
heather pirowski – retro 101
erin goodman – color is my middle name
jaime & martine - in this life now
james caldwell - american armadillo
hollie la vigneboris loved natasha
phoenix niewedokskirtzophrenic
carrie abbott - frittle candy co.
deanna leonard – arcadian design

amazing amazing artist. period.
….and to see a little more. this just puts a cheesy grin on me face.

indy star coverage
(click above to see the love)



  1. Kate D
    January 29th

    wow…sounds amazeballs…and I don’t even say that word! guess I did now. :) that must be an awesome feeling to make new friends in your area – with similar interests, I imagine. Sweet start to the new year. :)

  2. rachel awes
    January 29th

    crazy gorgeous fun!
    huge love to you, dear!

  3. Jamie
    January 29th

    Loved sharing that rockin’ space with you dearheart! Looking forward to the March show! Xx!

  4. mindy
    January 29th

    looks and soounds like total bliss!

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