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i love creating new little bits. they make your space extra happy.

this week has been filled to the brim with some really happy stuff. wednesday i ran to the little village near indy and took a fun class that was taught by jen kreshner of “the cottage nest makery“. there is much i have to say, but for now check out jen’s amazing blog. it is simple, colorful and can i just say if she would let me –  i would move into her house!

thursday i hopped in the car and again drove towards the BIG city over the hill. this time stopping at the cutest little storefront, that i have admired for years. to visit jill broadhacker of “jillyjack“. i have admired her work for years as well and finally got brave enough to ask if we could meet up and talk shop. little did i know driving there that her new storefront was one of my most favorite buildings!

and today, i reopened the shop. shared lunch with cheri and bryce and then found new stash for clemie. can’t wait to get her out for the summer, hitch her up and travel the lands.

so tell me what shined on your week? tell me, because i really really want to know.

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the shop is full of new wares. check out the NEW  –  LOVE TAPS. itty bitty prints on color washed board. hand illustrated moleskine journals and baubles!

many of you know my love for lenny kravitz. of course you also know that one day i will be living in his airstream on the beach happily ever after (ps. bryce knows all of this and is totally okay with it. he has his dreams too). today i found this link and i have to say, the whole thing simply restored a little faith that i have tucked away in a little pocket for a rainy day when i need a little shine and vitamin d.   please watch. it is really an amazing moment, i find pride and humility watching him with these kids.  WATCH HERE.

registration is open for the FEAST retreat at frog creek lodge. give yourself a little gift of self-care. you are totally worth it.


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