hello. monday.

by kelly

IMG 05511 hello. monday.

the ferris wheel

IMG 0627 hello. monday.

one loyal pooch.


IMG 06281 hello. monday.

happy. comfy. boots.


IMG 0630 hello. monday.

a slice of om.

IMG 0609 hello. monday.

betty wrapped in baubles.

happy monday. not a sunday. just another monday.

.     .      .     .     .     .     .

there are many new BITS in the shop. the KITTY print is quite poplar and i am loving getting to relist her. and everytime i do, all i can hear is penny singing to sheldon, “warm kitty, soft kitty…….” how i love BIG BANG!  Just one MISFIT left! if you love her, grab her. the shop shelves will soon be lined with new misfits. i just love getting to wrap them up and sending them on their merry way! moleskines, love taps and some really peace-filled wood slices! visit the shop and see!

the FEAST retreat is just around the corner. come share the space. its going to be so good. liz lamoreux . hannah marcotti and  me will be guiding, sharing and hugging. we sure would love to see your face.

ps. dance around the week! cause it’s going to be so good.