ten. sacred life.

ten. sacred life.


there was a single blue line of crayon drawn across every wall in the house.
what does it mean? I said. a pirate needs the sight of the sea,
he said & then he pulled his eye patch down & turned and sailed away. ~story people.

.     .     .     .     .     .

one ::  deep down i am a loner.
two ::  i adore sushi and dream of it all week long.
three ::  i don’t believe the new year begins until taxes are filed.
four :: i don’t paint everyday, even though i should. i am crazy like that.
five :: i like my husband like a lot. and we still laugh. i dig that.
six :: i want dreads before i am 50.
seven :: i have a camper named clementine
eight :: i teach art
nine ::  i have a hard time putting myself out there
ten :: when you send me little notes. i do a happy dance. yes, deep down – i am a loner.

just in case you were curious.

 a few have been asking about the words on the “KITTY” print. so here you go!  kitty says something like this:

“she twirls around the sweetness
she fondly remembers as
she picks through each slice dissecting the true
she picks away at the day discovering the juicy center.”

(she is very popular shop cat. i love that part.)



  1. Nolwenn
    February 19th

    I could say the same to every single point, see how much we are alike, in our own loner ways ?
    Love you, like a lot (even if we’ve never met. which sounds kinda weird. i know).

  2. Tricia
    February 19th

    You’re one of my very favorite people. Yep.

  3. linda e
    February 20th

    you forgot to add how thoughtful and considerate you are, talented one.

    • kelly
      February 20th

      oh that is so kind linda. thanks bunches of o’s

  4. danielle
    February 20th

    i wish indiana and california were smooshed up right against each other.

  5. Elizabeth
    February 20th

    I love Sheldon too. I sang the song in my head when I saw your print. Sheldon needs one, I think!

    If I don’t get a haircut soon, my hair might dread itself in protest. Yet, I am lazy.


  6. Kate D
    February 20th

    eleven: you’re awesome

  7. Patty
    February 22nd

    Love these tidbits, love you. The loner thing kinda surprised me. I do feel very hermit-y myself quite often these days. It’s all a matter of balance…

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