hello. day. creative 14.

by kelly

potit1 600x600 hello. day. creative 14.

potit2 600x600 hello. day. creative 14.
potit4 600x600 hello. day. creative 14.
potit5 600x600 hello. day. creative 14.

potit6 600x600 hello. day. creative 14.
potit7 600x600 hello. day. creative 14.
odd how the creative power at once brings the whole universe to order.
virginia woolf 


yesterday i made my way to the big city over the hill. a full day planned. i have long been wanting to get my art on ceramics. my dad throws and we have talked about it, but he is in arizona and we never seem to get together to get the job done, so i went to a happy little shop to give my first prototype a whirl. i get to see the results next week and i can not wait to see what worked and what didn’t. hoping to soon have some of these wares to share.

i also got to use this as a creative date with my girl britta. we both chose a piece and just dove it. i love that part of it. and i love it when i can get together with my local creativeKINDREDS to have a day of color. life gets so full so fast, so to be able to get this done is quite a feat and necessity!

recently this girl gave me a little home work. to create for the next 14 days. after first in my head i thought, my gosh that seems like a lot. but then i realized i truly create almost each day. i am on day three and will be finishing up a custom piece. so no worries on day three. day four will be gathering with some girls a few town over for a soul book session at modern charm. a little store owned by yvette and who carries some of my wares.  i seem to be on a really good foot. what i really am working on is to stop the habitual habit of making excuses as to why this isn’t going to work. she called a big bulls#!+ and so am i. time to recreate a new habit, the habit of owning it, moving forward and pushing this dream on up and that ladder.

in the spirit of just saying it and getting it out. i am a huge procrastinator. i make excuses out of the fear of it not working out – you know the whole, why bother. now i don’t do this all the time. obviously if i did, i would be curled up in a little ball on the floor. but when i am really nervous about something or scared to get my butt out there, yep i do it. and i am putting this out to you, because i am sitting here a little curious and wondering if you do the same thing.

i am learning. leaning and skipping through all of this beautiful mess. i think you might be too. so tell me. what are the ways that you combat that beast?  tell me. cuz i want to know. seriously.


.     .     .     .     .     .     .

i have new moleskines i am finishing up for the shop! and the rumi moleskine is now available with LINED pages!  if you have a special request. send me a note. i truly believe that the moleskine is such an easy way to put your story down! or even put down the sketches.  the LOVeTAPS are so sweet and a fun little gift, perfect for your adventuring self, house warming gifts or little shower gifts. come see!

if you are looking for a swift kick in the pants – talk to tiffany han. she is serious and it works. she will push your buttons. she might rattle your cage and then she will say, it’s your life. so answer your big questions, big girl.

ps. i love happy campers! so this  -  well i am doing a happy dance! thanks jen lee!