the studio. little bits.

the studio. little bits.


and so it begins..

wake me2

the beginning layers..

wake me3
a vintage headboard dreaming of a new life.

wake me5

a girl with pink hair (i just can’t help myself.)

wake me4

a little splash of happy. here and there.

wake me6
their own story applied.

wake me7

dont’ wake me. carries their story. love that part.

.     .     .     .     .

one last big ticket item, check on my dusty studio list. some days it is so hard for me to find that groove. it is true. it can be painful. but what i know is this – when i find that groove. when i see their faces light up as they look over each detail. when i know my list is clean. well i feel better about me. i can see that i am doing what i am meant to do. leaving all the snotty chatter that i create in my own head, behind. hoping to remember to keep that chatter in the closet on the next run. “don’t wake me” – yep – she pushed me. and i am pretty happy about that.

next weekend b and i plan on doing nothing but lounging. catching up and hoping for some good movie time. so let this week begin. i have new bits waiting to come to life and hit the shop shelves. loving all the new fun planned. studio. time. plenty of studio time.




  1. kolleen
    February 25th


    i love HER sooooo much!!

    so cool on a vintage headboard!



    • kelly
      February 25th

      oh thanks girlie. i sure miss your face.

  2. danielle
    February 25th

    oh m gosh. she is a stunner.

    • kelly
      February 25th

      thanks d! i have a back ache, but i love her.

  3. Jennifer
    February 25th

    This is amazing! I love, love, love it. Now I see why I thought it was two pieces! This totally rocks.

    • kelly
      February 25th

      thanks jennifer. that headboard worried me but i love how she turned out. painting on reused items is really so much fun.

  4. Tricia
    February 25th

    This is amazing! Yes, you are doing exactly what you’re meant to do. <3

    • kelly
      February 25th

      love you girlie. thanks for ALWAYS being there for me and pushing me.

  5. Kate D
    February 25th

    oh wow – this is super cool! :)

  6. marilyn
    February 25th

    shut up! holy mother of God, girl. seriously … you are so doing what you are meant to do. what the Universe wants you to do, expects you to do. shine on, sunshine girl, shine on. dancing happy. I wanna hold your hands and jump around in little circles with you right now.

  7. rachel awes
    February 25th

    i’m so happy to join this choir of
    she/you are amazinnnnnng! xox

    • kelly
      February 26th

      i love having you here. xoxoox

  8. stacy kathryn
    February 25th

    Love this! And love hearing that you are spending so much time in the studio. It feels good, even when we have to push things aside to make the time!! :)

  9. Michelle Reynolds
    February 26th

    She’s awesome, well done.

  10. valeri
    February 26th

    amazing! SO good and i was meant to read your words right this moment. the chatter, the “lifelines” (instead of deadlines), the ways i disappoint and am too emotional fragile to find momentum everyday…it’s okay. it is what it is. thank you.

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