by kelly

one love 428x600 shine.
you sometimes think you want to disappear,
but all you really want is to be found.
~kid cudi

i have been sitting here. sitting here thinking about how all this works. and how so often you feel like you are just trudging through quick sand and you might even wonder why it seems to be such a smooth ride for others. and then while sitting here on the big green couch i remember one simple thing.  -  right, they are probably sitting on their couch, a little tired from the holidays and wondering the same thing from their end.

yeah. there is always that. so if you might be playing that little game in your head. don’t.

stop. shift your attention and carry on. because really we are all just working to make this life what we need it to be.


xoxo, me.

.   .   .   .   .   .   .


wordpacket 600x600 shine.

the shop is full. and i have added custom options for the pretty little wood slices. have you chosen your word for the next year? i am so happy about creating these little slices ready to hold your word. story. or mantra. each wood slice is meant to hold a story. maybe your story or a story for someone who is in need of an extra splash of love. so you get to choose!  and the little self-care bundle is a fun addition too! this could also be a happy surprise in the mail for a dearie who might need a little pick me up. just in time for the fresh start of a new year.