carry. peace. on.

by kelly

peace 536x600 carry. peace. on.
the most valuable possession you can own is an open heart. the most powerful weapon
you can be is an instrument of peace.
 carlos santana 

i have a lot going on in this little head of mine. the last few weeks have been marred by the “in your face” holiday glare and all that goes along with that. but today, day two of 365 i have slowed my mind and this body of 49 down. and i have spent much of the last 48 hours thinking about what i need. and more than anything i need peace. peace in my head. heart and on my face. you know like a smile. 

today. when i stepped out on my snow covered porch, to grab the mail. there in the stack of junk was a little envelope from the east. and as i tore open the paper, i instantly took a breath in. the blue card so simple and then i saw the words. 

stay positive and spread peace. 

yes. let’s all do that.

a little later i will be sharing what i will be working on this next year. ( i have had to not read any blogs about others words for 2014, because i am working hard to just allow my word to be just what it is meant to be. mine.)

xoxo, me.

.     .     .     .     .


this post is brought to you by my dear friend jennifer belthoff. if you haven’t met her yet, i highly suggest that you visit her and take in all her glory. she makes me think, slow down and own my light. and for that i am thankful. she runs a little something called LOVE NOTES! be sure to sign up for the next one.  (thanks chickadee).

KellyBWoodSlices 1 of 3 600x535 carry. peace. on.
(photo credit: alicia thelin.)

i love getting to see how happy customers and gift receivers are displaying their “pretty little slices.

alicia thelin was kind enough to share her thoughts about her new slices. it put a BIG smile on my face.  and she is also a wicked creative talent. she always is sharing really happy things! so go say hello! thank you alicia!!!!