groove. word.

by kelly

oneword 430x600 groove. word.


  : a long, narrow cut or low area in a surface

                                     : a state in which you are able to do something well and easily
especially because you are doing it often

each year i pick a word. and each year i fight my way to the end it seems. always seeing what others are announcing and i always feel like i have to rethink what i have already decided on. but not this year. it came to me new years day. i had really been trying not to read anyone’s blogs or look too deeply into them as i saw so many popping up over the lands of social media. i just wanted to be content and happy with mine. and i am.

it is pretty simple. when i am in a GROOVE i get things done. i feel better and i am happier. the past few months i had to fight with myself in order to rediscover that groove. i have felt the shifts and changes and some days felt deep bruising from the battling within. but what i know is this. it is worth every bruise, each moment of frustration and the smiles and giggles at the end are the reward.

so today, in the middle of working on new custom slices and packaging up shop orders. i sat down and took a little time to create a pretty little slice just of my own. soon she will be sitting on my mantle next to my little boggle altar and gently remind me each day to stay on task and for me. groove simply means continuing on my own path, at my speed and allowing re-starts whenever i need one.

this next year is just like every other year. i want to soak up this life with my pixies and watching each of them discovering their own paths. more bike rides in the warm air on clover ( dear snow, enough already – lets invite summer back), eating cleaner foods and allowing this year before my 50th rolls around in october to embrace the changes in my body, but maybe not letting them win. there is sharing new adventures with b and knowing that while there are days we don’t want to be in the same room with one another, there are more days that we catch each others eye and there are smiles. (jesus, how lucky am i.) and always…..creating the silly colorful things that seems to pop into my noggin suddenly when i think the well is dry.

groove. to me simply means continuing on this path. right where i am meant to be.

.    .    .    .    .

wordpacket 600x600 groove. word.

the shop has several bits that are full of the WORDcharm fun. hop on over and pick out a little reminder for your own space. or maybe share with someone too! i love getting to create each one. especially the custom orders. it is like a getting a little piece of someone’s sacred life. each pretty little slice is filled with warm happy color! they are the perfect size to tuck into a space, and are intended to be simple reminders of what you want your year to be. i would love to create one just for you.

one of my all time favorite songs. seems pretty appropriate. a little deee-lite.