new bits. (groove.)

by kelly

thanks.moo  428x600 new bits. (groove.)

grow.moo  428x600 new bits. (groove.)

good things are going to happen.

each year brings new love.

today i ordered new postcards to tuck away into each order to share a little thanks! i love the thick paper makes me swoon. i can’t wait to come home and find
the moo box on my front steps.

i love the quote above and to be honest, i have no clue who said it originally. but i see it printed on posters all over etsy and pinterest. it is sweet and to the point. focus on the good. keep going. be happy and live the life. yep. it is that simple.

good things are going to happen.

you know. keeping in the groove.

.    .    .    .    .

groovygirl2 600x600 new bits. (groove.)

i have put some older originals back in the shop and in the spirit of finding them new walls to love, i have lowered the price on several of them.
hop on over and see if something might need to head to your house! i will wrap it up sweetly and send them on their happy way.