4 little maidens all in a row. [shop wares]

findinghopefinding hope.

sideponywrapped up in the side pony.


tiedtied & twisted.

the big green table is one creative explosion. total color love happening over here. i have a few new offerings in the shop. this series of maidens come from the desire to live a life that we choose, breaking away from what we are told, we must be. i don’t know about you, but i am just not into that.

come on over to the shop. it’s filling up nicely.

psst…..soak up this tuesday, it’s going to be swell.

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  • Mary Sara P.

    Love these! You have a great Tuesday as well. xo

    • kelly

      me too mary sara. you put a smile on my face. xoox

  • Alicia

    Kelly, these ladies are perfectly perfect. I’m in awe once again. :)

    • kelly

      why thank you so much alicia. that makes me smile. xoxo.

  • Sue

    love these new additions! happy creating :-)

    • kelly

      thank you sue, it just feels good to finally be in the studio as a 9-5 and not dealing with such a wonky schedule. it seems to be evening out. at last.

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