5 little pick me ups. (over here.)


when the morning throws you gloomy skies, cold cold toes and a wonky start, you can sit and allow it to take over or you can feed your day and your soul. here is what i did, just today…..5 little pick me ups.

trying to get motivated, i realized i was hungry and when i am hungry i tend to be cranky, so i went to the kitchen and took a look around. then i remembered those pot stickers i bought at trader joe’s last week. sweet sweet baby jesus, that was just what i needed. and while you are prepping your meal be sure to make it cute and cuddly. i like to eat off white plates and use colorful chopstix. they just make me happy.

create something to make your home, homey. what is something i do, you might be asking (oh i know you are), i love using my diffuser with essential oils to freshen up the stuffiness of the winter air. if it were summer, i would have my windows wide open and watching the curtains flutter along with the breeze. i also like to smudge with palo santo or sage. i just picked up a few new sticks at a shop full of om in bloomington.
check out my “naked” board on pinterest, it is full of simple feel good bits.

nothing says winter is getting the best of me, like sitting on the couch surfing all social media outlets. when i feel this taking over, just an fyi, it means your eyes are bleeding and your shoulders feel heavy, get up and do something productive. like take a walk in the clean crisp air. tidy an area that you have been meaning to get to and grab a glass of water. yes water.

today i found this morsel of goodness.  no. l7 — “take time to do what makes your soul happy.” can i get a hell yeah.  i mean who are we kidding, a kick in the ass is some days the only thing that will snap up out of it and send us on our merry way.

i found myself clinching my teeth earlier and if i am totally honest, i might have bad mouthed my appearance, only i can make my mood change and so…..i got off my ass and started moving. just the simple motion of creating lunch, working on shop wares, petting delilahblue and drinking water softened today’s out look.

..maybe you are one happy go lucky person. but i am one person looking to be more happy go lucky, especially during the middle’s winter.
i have felt it especially since the new year began, so i have been trying to work in simple little things that help pick up my pace, mood and thoughts each day. what about you? give me your pick me up go to’s.

happy tuesday…..me

bonus round: i call it daily creative.

whale meds_kellymade

i am working each day to be creative and have fun with my art. i love just sitting on the couch in the evening or taking a little work break and drawing up new bits. some days i love them and there might have been one or two moments of, well crap is this only january???? but i have 365 days to keep #kellydrawsdaily up and running. this cute whale is soon going to be in my society6 shop. if you want to follow along, you can see my doodles on instagram. i love it there..

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  • Jen

    love this & you. thank you for the reminder. we will get there. surviving winter blahs in the middle.

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