5 really happy bits. [over here.]

i believe that if life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade…
And try to find somebody whose life has given them vodka, and have a party.

ron white


one.  sleeping with windows wide open.

two.  taking the paints and beads to the porch.

three.  new design jobs arriving.

four.  11 days of clean.

five. cast iron skillets.

what about you. do you have five happy bits? i would love to hear them.

.    .    .    .    .

these are making me happy too.

new color options on the way.

working up some love to send out to the lands.

i love sending out cards each week. i have some cute options in the shop.

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  • Jen

    Adore this.
    1. Autumn weather
    2. Finishing projects
    3. Eating healthy
    4. Laughter. Belly deep.
    5. Friendship & honesty.

    • kelly

      belly laughs always. not too sure that i am ready for this autumn weather. but i do have sweaters.

  • Kirsten

    1. A deer sighting on my morning walk
    2. Kitty love
    3. Traveling art supplies
    4. Steaming hot coffee
    5. Five days clean eating

    • kelly

      yes. to the traveling art supplies. and clean eating.

  • Hannah L

    1. Puppy snuggles (when she keeps her teeth to herself…)
    2. Crisp mornings
    3. Happy mail.
    4. A small hand in mine.
    5. Early evening light with a glass of wine in the garden. ❤️

    • kelly

      gosh i miss you hannah low.

  • Tingle

    1. Tiny watercolor sketches
    2. Planting perennials.
    3. Rearranging the furniture and hanging art on the walls.
    4. Gearing up for retreat season – excited to be teaching at 3!
    5. Plated. Enough said.

    • kelly

      love seeing you here. xoxoxoxo

  • erica simpson

    mmm… think i’ll join in! :)
    1. feeling our little peanut moving around more consistently. (magical)
    2. chipotle for lunch today.
    3. new bras. (omg..the relief!)
    4. crisp, autumn air.
    5. two goals/deadlines MET.

    thanks for spreading the happy today, sunshine. xo

    • kelly

      there is nothing better than a good bra during pregnancy and getting to feel that pixie move. so exciting.

  • Kimberley McGill

    Oh, you always make me smile.
    1. Packing for the retreat- including my brand new Welly boots for beach walking
    2. Thrift store treasures
    3. Sassy crows strutting outside the window
    4. Cranberry fizz with a spritz of lime
    5. Love notes in the kitchen

    • kelly

      can’t wait to give you a squeeze.

  • Kathy Anne

    1. 11 days of clean (three hiccups)
    2. My little bead biz exploding!
    3. Cool cloudy days for burning white sage and creating
    4. Learning about healing uses of essential oils
    5. Friday home with my family

  • Pamela

    one. meeting a sweet handsome beagle named Gatsby in a bookstore.
    two. bike tire leaf crunching rides.
    three. balmy weather in the 80’s, savoring it, may be the last until spring?
    four. early morning train whistle in the distance.
    five. a divine girl on the playground. Her name was nevaeh (ne-vay-ah) “heaven backwards”, she said.

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