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around here we have been working to bring in more good stuff to our daily lives. more brown and blue bottles filled with natural concoctions and less cans full of aerosols and heavy cleaning products. and while we aren’t at a l00%, but we have made a huge shift and i am not going to lie, it feels pretty stinking amazing. the day i find sweet natural hair products to lift and thicken my baby fine hair, we will be a leap closer, but until then i will just keep surfing and finding new recipes to try out and introduce into our daily grind.  i have a collection on pinterest on my naked board.

it is deep winter over here, (not quite the deepness of the east coasters.) and my tender locks are dry. dry + thin makes for a hot mess. i found a natural conditioning treatment here, and had all the supplies, making the execution fast and simple. something i love. here is where i started and i used her recipe as a starting point, but wanted a bigger batch than what her recipe. basically a 2:l ratio……

hair tonic
l cup coconut oil
l/2 cup jojoba oil
20 drops tea tree oil
l5 drops lavender oil

stir coconut oil to loosen it up and make a creamy consistency. (i pop mine into the microwave just for about l0 seconds.)
add in the jojoba oil and your essential oils and stir until your get a creamy mixture. because of the jojoba, it will look like
soft whipped butter…..can we all agree to say – yummmmmmm.

store in any air tight container, i do love a ball jar. one they are kinda cute and two glass is so much better for you than plastic, at least that is how i think about it. you can use whatever works for you.
.   .    .    .    .
how to use
i like to apply generously to my hair, working it into my end by using a wide tooth comb and than wrap it all up in a heated towel fresh out of the dryer. (this means i run to the basement and throw a towel in the dryer, then run back up two flights of stairs to apply the tonic, then back to the basement to grab the towel and wrap it around my head.) leave the tonic in for about l5 minutes, rinse out tonic, then shampoo and condition your hair.  you can also just deep condition leaving it in for 5 mins, rinse – shampoo – condition. and done.

i was a bit concerned the first time i gave it a try that it would leave my thin hair droopy and oily looking, but it rinses out in a super clean way and left my hair looking fresh and clean.
.    .    .    .    .
in case you are wondering here is what i used,

NOW jojoba oil
trader joe’s coconut oil
aura cacia tea tree oil
young living lavender oil
ball jar

these are my daily go-to’s. you can use what you are most comfortable using.

no go give it DIY try.

xoxo, me.

.   .    .    .    .    .
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