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a little diy

it may seem like i am on the “late” train of succulents. but for the last couple of years i have bought little pots to adorn my porch and the back forty. and each end of summer my beloveds have not been treated with enough love and basically i start over for the next round. this summer i decided that it is absolutely ridiculous that this master gardner’s daughter, can’t even keep a succulent alive. i made a plan, i bought pots in a few trips to the local BIGBOX home store and i ran to our trader bucks for vintage ceramic vessels. i had a couple of small pots planted, but one day a couple of neighbor girls asked if they could do a few yard jobs to earn a little bank and that is when the fun started.  we got our hands dirty and after adding more dirt to the porch, than the pots. and then turning around and seeing the girls using the tiny paint brushes, meant to clean bits of dirt of the delicate pods, to clean my dirty shutters. but we had 5 adorable collections to adorn my porch. i collect all kinds of vintage love. and so i ran in the house and gathered up bits to add to each collection. little glass hearts. tiny shiny brite ornaments, whatever would add charm to the succulents. it was love.

porch life has become a way of life over here. the porch holds our stories. it collects bits of our neighborhood. she holds chalk the little neighbors leave after they head home for dinner. the stains from summertime popsicles and cocktails.  and carries my heart as each pixie comes and goes thru days. months. years. and those who visit. sitting there with me able to understand why i love it so.

i love skimming through pinterest, collecting ideas, how-to’s and damn i want to do that’s. you can find them here and here.
i found so many ideas for propagating succulents. well isn’t that just brilliant. i can grow more, in my own space and have them all ready for next summer. some chicks collect cats, i am collecting succulents.  here is what i did.


one.  — i collect the little pods that fall off the stem. set them on a windowsill so that the end can dry.
two. — take a shallow pan or food storage container, add a thin layer of pebbles (for drainage) add potting soil to the top. lightly water soil.
three. — once your pod ends are dry, just push them gently down into the dirt. from here tiny roots will begin to form. and it begins to happen fast.




here is where i started. 

i just water when the dirt seems really dry. i just use a shot glass to sprinkle the water over the top. i keep my container on my kitchen windowsill. today i checked to see how they are all doing. most roots have more than doubled in a week and i am waiting to see if any will develop new shoots. once the roots and shoots begin to clearly need new room, i have more containers ready to pot and put in my winter windows for sun. if i could still do a backflip, i just might. (a little happy about this.)



i love walking up my front steps and seeing all the collection in vintage pots. there is something about the shapes of succulents that speaks to my creative soul.   and recently i bought an airplant from a friend who had a booth at one of our summer festivals. i just love it. so i bought a couple last week at silver in the city. one of my go-to shops on mass ave. i will have a little diy on that, soon.

what i want to tell you more than anything is that i believe in creating little bits of sacred in your own space. this doesn’t have to be an expensive process. i bought 7 vintage vessels for a little under $30 and by propagating,  you can use your purchased plants to grow more. creating little spaces allows me to breathe, to slow down and to make our home. home.

.  .  .  .  .


little pots make the day. happy.
(look for new card stacks in the shop. soon.)


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