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there is a big movement around kindness and let’s just be honest, it is necessary. and as much as i want to be kind and i think i am kind, i also know that some days i don’t feel it. when i am in front of a personality that is harsh or in my face, i can feel my belly start to ache, my heart starts beating faster and i can feel my skin turn clammy.

it is hard to always feel kind and giving. especially when you are hurt but the other person, or maybe you just don’t care for them. the truth is, we don’t always get along. so how does that work when you are suddenly are thrown into a stressed environment? i recently saw this quote and it put a big fat smile on my face.

kindness. blog
“kindness is in our power,
even when fondness is not.
~samuel johnson

there isn’t a day that goes by where we are near someone or maybe a situation we don’t want to be part of. it makes us uneasy, maybe angry or sad and in the middle of all of that, we are human, we share regardless of what sets in front of us. we show love and kindness. even when we aren’t fond of the person or the situation. maybe not each time or with each person, but i am sure we move forward way more often than what our true self really wants to.

there are little things i try to do to ease my unease, to put a smile on my bitchy resting face. call them my kindness go-to’s. a little sweet “i don’t wanna” tool kit. yeah, that made it all sound kind of crappy, didn’t. but here is why it works. because we all need kindess. our souls not only need to receive it, but to give it. sharing more creates habits for those times where fondness just isn’t showing up.

i am alone, a lot. alone with my thoughts and it is so dang easy to allow old thoughts and story to take over my noggin. when i feel that happen
i know it is time to pull out of it and be who i a know i am….a nice person.

5 kindness moves. — even when you don’t want to. a smile can change someones day. by the way….be sure to smile at your own reflection. it always begins with you. ie. self-love.

..if you love someones style or haircut, tell them. don’t be shy, do it. sharing compliments is always sweet

..leave a love note for the next person. i use these stickers behind as little reminders.

..there is nothing better than opening the mailbox and seeing that someone wrote me a real note. and so i have been trying to sit down
through the week and lick an envelope. it really is a game changer. i love happy note cards like these, oh and these  too.

..#makeithappy – kid president is full of truth and i love his kind sensibility.

now go spread kindness, even when fondness just isn’t happening.

xoxo, me.

.   .   .   .   .

i love wearable reminders. i have several go-tos and meditative jewelry is a simple way to keep it close.
so often i can feel a situation getting the best of me and i will just take a breath and hold on to my mala, or other
“sacred” touchstones. for me it really does work.

kindness, part of the sacred collection is something that i created for this
very reason. i believe that reminders are always a good thing to have on hand.


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  • Jamie Locke

    I adore you, Kelly. I love your hair, your style, your art, your adorable laugh, your spunk, your words, your font(!!!) and your badassness (just to name a few…).
    Thank you for sharing your heart’s mind, for filling this world with color and beautiful design and for being YOU. I love your guts, Kelly B.
    ps…bitchy resting face? I think not!

    • kelly

      jamie i am smiling BIG. i learn much from you. xoxo

  • Stephanie

    what Jamie said.

    • kelly

      jamie is such a force. i adore her.

  • Beth H

    oh! I really love Samuel Johnson’s words of wisdom and I had not seen them before. thanks for sharing them along with your words- “when i feel that happen i know it is time to pull out of it and be who i know i am….a nice person.”
    me, too… me, too.

    • kelly

      i had never seen his words either. they just felt so full of what is true.
      thank you. xoxo

  • Denise Ducharme

    Thanks for this reminder to spread some kindness and for your 5 kindness moves. Need to spread a little kindness each & every day!
    There’s that owl vase again! I keep mine in site even when it’s not filled with wildflowers!

    • kelly

      it isn’t always easy to remember. that is for sure.
      the owl vase i found at a specialty shop. i wish it was vintage.

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