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the studio is a train wreck.
there is crap all over there floor. from christmas gifts, to tax receipts and bits for product shots.
i am ignoring that i have tripped multiple times and that i have bruises on my legs from bumping
into everything i lay my eyes on. my work table is filled with sprinkled glitter. wood slices and sheets of
vinyl. three pink, little dear wood panels are waiting in the cue to get their cute tattoo banner. (it is the right of passage.)

my (little red porch) art has yet to be hung. and all of this somehow looks gorgeous with the morning light hitting the
walls and adding a soft filter to this little studio. somehow as my mind raises to two sundays, when i can really begin
to rest, my heart fills with a big shy smile knowing that i create most everything from scratch. just like my mom and
dad did, so many years ago with 4 pixies and teachers salary.


i haven’t thought about that much lately. but today as i pack for the hobnob market and take a few products shots. my morning
starting slow and just being okay with that. it will all get done. it always does. i think about how my creative path seems to
be long. and rather than fret about the years, i tuck them into a happy little pocket, because my daily creative is part of me.
it is how i breathe. it is why i add color to my walls and drool over others work. it is how i grow. learn and exist in this wonky world.
so that is what i am thinking about, over here

i make

. . . . .

last two holiday shows!

this weekend.
Hobnob Market
Danville, In
friday and saturday
(click for details.)

Alternative Gift Show
December 12
10am to 4pm
Irving Theater — Irvington, In.
(click for details.)

if you can’t make the shows, but are looking for happy holiday. handmade. i invite to come check out my wares.
kellymade and etsy

(why thank you.)


ira glass.

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