grannies. a little yarn envy.

grannies one movegranny square buntings are in the shop! 

a few years ago, i spent a lot of time trying to figure out crochet. i am a lefty, i found a lefty book. i love color, i bought a load of colors. i am impatient, i quit crochet. and as the years turned i found that so many days were spent mindlessly clicking refresh on my phone. my ipad and on my laptop. WHY!!?? i grew so frustrated and quite honestly i began to feel really bad about all the time i wasted.

working from home can become an energy suck in so many ways. throw in social media and it becomes death of a schedule. so slowly over the winter i began again. i like to call it #yarnenvy. many nights rather than surfing endlessly, i pull out the hooks and yarn and i create. i began with simple little patterns, to prove that i could get the dang counting down. to stay off the computer and to not feel the pressure of producing for my shop or working on more work, even though it is creative. i love color. i love creating, but i am home pretty much 24/7 and i want to create a space where rest is welcome, where down time isn’t working, just because i am here and where i continue to create a space that holds simple stories. for me that is slowing life down, puttering around my space in a manner that is stress free and happy.

for years, i raised my three pixies. we ran from game to meet, we drove every other weekend to provide drop offs, our summers were so hectic and what i saw was we weren’t always showing up for one another or ourselves. as each pixie has flown to coop i have began truly create the life i have imagined. i can’t go back and change how we did things, i can only move forward. one step at a time, using one move here and there, to create new habits. to focus on what is most important to us. no one else, just us.

and so….grannies and a little yarn envy has become that ONE MOVE.

one move becomes two moves. two moves roll over to three and three welcomes four. and embracing this,

..we have more evenings on the porch simply relaxing.

..i have found a way to slow down my life.

..crochet allows me to clear my head. it is like creating a mandala, slow and steadying. mediative.

..the way i think about my business has expanded and a little brand called #kellymade was born.

..most importantly, i am happier. and that is just swell.

everyday we have a choice on how we live this life, the life we imagine. and really why not bring in goodness that rather than just imagining that life. we truly create that life. and live it. because living it, shows others how good it really is.

so tell me, what is that life you imagine. (i want to know.)

grannies adorncheck out my new offerings. yarn. envy.

.    .    .    .    .    .


Come along with Liz Lamoreux and me
(the girls of  Chickadee Road) and reconnect
with that girl inside you as you make One Move each day
toward the life you imagine for yourself.

The fun begins July 14. You can learn more about it and sign up here.

We’d love for you to join us!

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  • Jen

    You inspire so many people and I adore #kellymade. I am in the process of making changes some major but some minor to live the life I aspire now because life is going on and I can either live it or watch it go by. Thank you for this. We are on the same page today … xxoo

    • kelly

      thank you jen! i am so excited to be working up some of your newgoodness! each day! move, make changes, but most importantly find that spot that always reminds you that this is what you make it and you get to choose!

  • laura

    I get u kelly! I love the one move concept. I was just telling a friend yesyerday about the small moves i’ve been making in my eating. I’ve also been spending lots of time working i the yard and so sastisfacry work! And I’ve become a sunset chaser :)

    • kelly

      i love this laura!
      i still have to get clover out for more bike rides. she has a sassy new “mint” wire basket.
      today i am riding her to the post to send out orders!

  • jennifer Valentine

    Loving this so much!
    I too, am home all day working.
    I have taken to a lost love…reading….how I have missed that.

    • kelly

      hello you. over there.
      it was so nice to see you here!
      xoxo, kb

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