happenings. [over here.]

goodness. kartwheels. blue skies. over here.

there has been an incredible amount of happy.nings over here. the weekend was filled up with discovering new ways of making this all work in the middle. i finally got clover out for a ride. the uneven sun on my arms proves it. the porch swing has a new glow and i might have snuck in to our neighbors yard and clipped a few sweet peas for little porch vases.

i am so excited to share a NEW publication – MABEL magazine! The first issue is out and my copy arrived yesterday. mabel is filled with happy images, deep articles and i am in the first issue! I was so excited when they let me know that i would be interviewed by jen everitt, about living as an artist in the midwest, or as i can it “the middle.”
i had never met jen, just via social media. so we chatted a bit and i invited her to come stay the weekend at my house to do the interiew and get some shots. but i course that wasn’t all!  we took in the town where i live, we stopped for sushi, headed to the gallery for open music night and the next day we took off to indianapolis for a little shopping and breakfast at good morning mama’s. we chatted, laughed and at the end of it, the collaboration turned into new connection and a friendship.  that is what i love about all of this. the connection. women supporting one another, working together and making BIG changes in the world. (that some days just gets to heavy and full of junk).

this issue is filled with creatives that i deeply admire. some i have followed for years and many who have taught me so many important lessons, not only about life, but about my creative path.

last summer was the summer of INDIE KINDRED and i am still basking in all the connection and goodness that came from that. recently jen lee released the indie kindred download. i love how others who maybe weren’t able to make the screenings that happened throughout the lands, to have the option to get that chance to finally view it, and maybe create their own screenings and see all the goodness. it is all inspiring! getting to be part of all this has truly changed the way i think (and do) things.

indie kindred. love. from kelly barton on Vimeo.

if you are looking for more creative gatherings, collaboration or just connection, check out these two bits of amazing fun! be willing to put yourself out there! create your own creative community. you can do it! REALLY!  and if you are curious, just leave me a note, i would be happy to chat about it!

xoxo, me

.    .    .    .    .

want to get your copy of MABEL no. 1…..click here.

want to watch INDIE KINDRED at home….click here.

want to connect with me? leave me a comment, subcribe to my newsletter or drop me a line…..here.

want a little “stayretreat”. liz and i have a new offering, ONE MOVE. a happy little gathering, only on chickadee road.

want to find more kindreds….open your mind and heart! you can do it!

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  • Elizabeth

    I love all the joy + love + color you put into the world. Also, you have inspired me. I shall find kindreds, even in this teeny-tiny-teeny-tiny town. There must be some! xoxoxo

    • kelly

      thank you elizabeth. oh i how so want to meet up with you this year! lets try to figure that out. and yes! create that for yourself!!!

  • Kimberley McGill

    You are such a delight! So looking forward to meeting you at the retreat in September.

    Absolutely fell in love with Indie Kindred! Can’t wait for my copy of Mabel to arrive to I can tumble in to love with it too!

    • kelly

      kimberley, i so look forward to the retreat and finally getting to hug you! enjoy mabel, i am still taking it all in! xoxo

  • Tingle

    I want to come interview you and take photographs in the middle. Lucky Jen. You are a color bomb, a ray of light, a burst of everything good about the middle. And your house is one of my favorite spots on the planet. xx

    • kelly

      anytime chickadee! i would love that. and thank you so so much. i never really think of my house like that. but i sure do love her. we will probably move on in the next couple of years and i would to love to chat about that. and of course july is on my radar. pretty excited about all of that! xoxo

  • michelle gd

    loved reading jen’s interview of you.

    and the possibilities for creative connection are amazing…so many fantastic people out there!

  • kelly

    thank you thank you michelle!! it was so good to get that issue in the mail, because i need reminders of those possibilities too! xoxo

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