happiness — 5 favorites go-tos. (sacred life.)

happiness is letting go of what you think your life is
supposed to look like and celebrate it for everything that it is.
–mandy hale

i am a girl who analyzes most everything that i see. hear. feel and taste. energies can be a really good thing for me, and they can also be really unhealthy for me. and it took me years to understand that i can choose how those effect me and my daily life. i love being happy. i love it when i can feel my belly ache from giggling and my chubby cheeks get that burn. of course, there are days when i can feel my frown too. i want less of those days. more days of color, funniness and over all warm fuzzes. and it is really cold here in the middle. this time of year more happy is always welcome.

here are a few tricks i keep up my sleeve…

one — get creative. and what i find creative maybe be different than you. but i am a firm believer that some days just putting pen (or pencil) to paper is as creative as we get.  i also use my iphone to catch daily life through photography. it is a simple way to look back on your day and smile.
creativity is my happy place for sure. and this year i am using my project365 app to capture my daily drawings. follow along with my daily happy on instagram: kellybarton and kellymadeshop

creative happy

two — get out of the house. breath in the fresh air. take a walk and create new social settings. we love breakfast here, so the mister and i tend to hop in the car and drive to the big city over the hill and take in new breakfast spots. two of our faves are mama’s in the morning and yolk. since making this a priority, it has done wonders with our weekends. he works so much that sunday is about the only day of togetherness, this has been a game changer.

three — when i am over scheduled or hungry i get a case of the cranks. eating as clean as fresh as i can really does help my mood. when i am tired or worn down, naps. i am a huge fan of a good nap. especially late in the day with windows open and an old movie on the tube. we are stressed and over worked. allowing self-care into each day is a huge step to more happiness.

four — i am a visual person. color makes me happy. exotic lands make me happy. cheerful settings put a smile on my face and inspired quotes warm up my heart. pinterest is how i travel to those lands, kick start a slow creative day and plan for the summertime yard. you can see some happy boards here

five — unplug. i know it is scary and can seem a little overwhelming thinking about moving around from so much social media. in august i took facebook off my phone and than seem like a huge leap and in january, i just knew it was time for a bigger break, so one day i just decided i was leaving it behind for a little vacation. it really is something when in the middle of the day i notice my mood, the added energy in my day and not to mention how the productivity has changed. for some it is easy to stay off, for me it was like crack. quitting cold turkey wasn’t as painful as i thought it would be. i have been visiting blogs more, creating more and hitting deadlines without feeling that old friend “fuck, i forgot to do that.”

here is something i found in my spare time, the other day. it makes me so stinkin happy.

so tell me, what are your happy go-tos.

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  • Mary Sara P.

    you are my happy go to. <3

  • MJ

    Getting outside is one of my happiness go-tos as well. I had let that practice fall away this winter, but have started getting back to it. And I’ve been adding more color to my home since last year’s Oregon retreat, which is making me very happy:)

    • kelly

      how are you chickadee.
      i just painted my outside doors, a happy creamy aqua. new color is always good

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