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STELLA LUV.stella luv. — SOLD!

a couple of weeks ago, we finished up the last bits for my shop! that is right. my own shop. on my own website! now aren’t i a big girl. but in the middle of all the excitement, we had a dear one from our family become very sick and then i was gone for a week. so i didn’t really say much. today i added in a couple more originals, stella luv and lesson no. 2.  the only down side is that stella just sold. (i just love her.)  but don’t fret, soon i will have prints all ready. so stay tuned.  in the meantime, i have added a couple of my holiday wood slices and prints on the shelves. oh and baubles. we just can’t forget about the baubles. check back often, each week i will be sharing new items!  hint: pillows!

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my etsy shop will remain open too! but feel free to hop over here and check out the newest love that i am working up.

happy friday!


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