little happy bits. oh dang.

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a good painting to me has always been like a friend. it keeps me company, comforts and inspires.
..hedy lamarr ..

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oh happy happy friday! it has been a really good week over here. crazy busy like always. phone calls, emails, cleaning and purging said emails and keep up with the shop sales. KITTY prints are fierce and more heading out the door early next week. i kind of love that part of the week. wednesday i made a run to a neighboring burb with my redheaded friend doc speelman. we hit this amazing vintage shop call HOT HOUSE MARKET. there i found new bits that i want to work on so that others can rediscover vintage charm in a new way. i am so so excited to add a few of my girls . blooms and banners to these pieces. are the books lush! those pinks and aquas put a smile on my face. i will be heading to the big city over the hill for the indie arts and vintage marketplace show next saturday (march 9th) and these old pieces will be there with new life! mmmmmmm the goodness!

so tell me. what do you have up your sleeve for the weekend. tell me something good (wha wha)


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april is just around the corner. spring is on its way and renewal always is right there tap tap tapping on our little noggins.

liz lamoreux . hannah marcotti and this girl will be gathering with others in the woods along frog creek for FEAST!  there are a couple of spots left. if you are looking to begin the spring with a new step. then consider joining us for this amazing gathering. ps. i will be at the door handing out hugs like no ones business.  no really. we would love to see your smiling face. for more information and registration….click here!

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  • Jennifer

    i love how you breathe new life into vintage pieces. so lovely.

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