om. finding. filling (the little pockets)

lotus no. 1  (series of three, so far)

the studio, this week it is on the bigGREEN table, is a busy place. and when we get busy, we can tend to become buried in it.

today over at chickadee road, i have a little story about “finding my om”.  ( a look into the process and struggles of getting through my painting process. i would love for you to stop by and visit. and if you feel compelled, go ahead and tell us how you find your “om”.  it’s all good.

.    .    .    .    .    .    .    .

the shop is now open!
lotus no. 1, lotus no. 2
and lotus no. 3 can be found in the shop.

bibbidi BAUBLEY boo. NEW baubles are in the shop.
i just know there is one for you.

liz and i are having so much fun over at chickadee road. come on over and check out all the goodness. much more to come in the weeks to come. so pull up a bean bag chair with a cup of joe (or tea) and snuggle in. our circle is comfy and has plenty of space for everyone.

valerie tookes, the girl rocks. i love this girl and all that she brings to the table. even when she tells me to eat my veggies. herHOLISTIC health, the perfect way to start your day. go say hello.

one last thing. today i was a sent a little note, that someone was sending me something, no charge. but if i would like to – i could donate to a cause she felt passionate about.
and so i am going to do that. today. i am holding kindness close, with a BIGsmile.  

kindess + you & me = a better world. 

happy. happy. day.

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