one full heart. xoxo.

yesterday was filled with some good stuff. i am so grateful to each of you who shopped my wares. orders will be heading out the door this week. and new wares will be settling in through the month. last night i set up for our downtown party night. it was full of familiar faces and at one point i was standing in the middle of friends from elementary school. of course when one asked if any of my kids were parents yes, i snorted and said, do i look like a grandma. but it was so sweet hearing him talk about how his granddaughter had stolen his heart. so, i will just bask in that. my dad plays santa each year and sits for hours as the line shuffles through and each pixie brings him a list or screams on his knee. during one moment last nite, i did think about how party night is straight out of a movie. busy sidewalks, horsedrawn carriages, windows dressed and old faces. it is in these moments that i find much needed gratitude and (grace). i like that part.

again, a BIG thanks for your support. my little maker heart is full.

happy. happy, me.

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