over here. [summertime]


well, hello june.

over here…

.a big happy dance and kart wheels (only imagination) that summer is officially arriving in the middle.

.nights soft breezes sprinkling sleep.

.clover awaits in the garage for saturday rides to the farmers market.

.the big green table is filled with, well with crap. that needs to change.

.the roofers are trying to weave in new shingles between the thunder and wind. their music and conversation can be entertaining.

.a summer of concerts and mini trips are being planned.

.there might be a bottle of black strap rum in the cabinet.  pretty sure the ninja will be shaving a lot of ice for “snow cones.”

.sunday i sat with three i love and listened to this dude.

.and i am so happy to share these two bits…..

story circle interview, with cassia conger

indie kindred is now available to rent via vimeo…being part of this journey is full of sweetness. i would love for you to join in too, bring a friend!

soak up your day. find a little time to be creative, smile and just be u.

xoxo, me.

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