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seven. sunday. love.

sunday seven 1 420x600 seven. sunday. love.
there are so many beautiful reasons to be happy. natasha bedingfield

so many sundays i soak in the goodness. count my little blessings and do a happy dance in my heart. 

here is my sunday. love.

one. outdoor buddha. i stood looking at him sitting in the snow, wintery faded prayer flags drooping from the heaviness. i feel like that much of the winter. i love the warm air and sun on my face. today i imagined buddha in all his wisdom. kindness storing up that cold damp air and churning into warm love for me and others. the cold air cleansing the energy to continue on this wintery way.

two. new glasses. you have to love a flex card with a balance.  two new pairs of frames. i am a spoiled girl

three. clean birch slices and a compass. working up some new bits for the shop.

four. i love these containers from world market! they are perfect organizers for my colorful beads

five. new pretty little slices have made it into the shop! i love them and the story behind them. if you don’t see one that speaks to you, i love creating custom slices too! you can find them here.

six. the juicer has been in full swing. today we used as many veggies in the fridge we could. the one thing i love about juicing is that you can use up veggies and fruits instead of tossing them before they are really ready. juicing makes me feel better. lighter and when this girl isn’t feeling bloated like a blowfish, well she is just a sweeter soul.

seven. me with my new magoos, giggling over these new specks. i love them. i got both frames from coastal. these are the derek cardigan

there are so many beautiful reasons to be happy. (natasha bedingfield).

yep. so many reasons.

how was your sunday.

home. (sacred life.)

candle.home  600x600 home. (sacred life.)

where do you find home.

there are moments in each day when i think to myself. damn. this is home. not necessarily while i am at home. it could be walking down the street and looking down the long stretch of the lane where our old casa sits. occasionally i am pouring a cup of joe and a familiar faces walks through the shop door with a smile. and there was a day like yesterday. one of the pixies was taking off on an adventure. the roads here are lined with a foot of snow and it was going to be a four hour drive one way, to get her to the BIG airport to the north. so he took the day off to go with me, because i don’t like driving in heavy snow. and when we returned i sat and realized that i am the mama to three grown beings. each out in the lands doing what they need to do, nourishing their life with bits of the world and i just sat here feeling this ease soften my being. as he sat next to me. weary from the day. 

there are things i want to fill my life. and some days i find them and tuck them into my world. but really i already have home.

curious. where do you find home.

sacred. life. 

.    .    .    .    .

bits of home 600x300 home. (sacred life.)

when i begin creating a new piece, often i channel bits from life that are curiously missing or that i just want to focus on for that day or even in a tiny moment. maybe you need a little of that too. the shop is filled with little bits to put a shine on life. doesn’t that just make it all the sweeter. come on over!

snow. (hello)day.

image2 600x600 snow. (hello)day.

image3 600x600 snow. (hello)day.

image1 600x600 snow. (hello)day.

image 600x600 snow. (hello)day.

image4 600x600 snow. (hello)day.

i used to be snow white, then i drifted.  ~mae west

we are on our day three of  “snowmaggeddon hits the middle”. our little town has been in the red zone since sunday eve.

over here, we are hunkered in and luckily we have heat. power and hot water. we have spent the days watching movies. i have worked on shop orders and we have been creating some good eats and green juices.  our little town is virtually shut down and even the big city over the hill has been closed down too.

over here. i am thankful for this time to slow life down after the crazy of the past few weeks. happy that b and i like each other enough that we can be held up in our space and not end this all in a screaming match. i am also very happy that we can allow space for the other and not feel like we have to entertain each other for hours. because that would just drive me crazy. i kinda like my space! and even better so does he.

so. tell me are you buried in snow and cold. what do you do to whittle the hours away.


.     .     .     .     .

happybits 600x300 snow. (hello)day.

new orders are being packaged up and waiting for our post office  to reopen.  and adding in new bits of fun along the way.
i am so grateful for all the love for my “pretty little slices.” i would be happy to create one just for you too!

happy happy snow day!

groove. word.

oneword 430x600 groove. word.


  : a long, narrow cut or low area in a surface

                                     : a state in which you are able to do something well and easily
especially because you are doing it often

each year i pick a word. and each year i fight my way to the end it seems. always seeing what others are announcing and i always feel like i have to rethink what i have already decided on. but not this year. it came to me new years day. i had really been trying not to read anyone’s blogs or look too deeply into them as i saw so many popping up over the lands of social media. i just wanted to be content and happy with mine. and i am.

it is pretty simple. when i am in a GROOVE i get things done. i feel better and i am happier. the past few months i had to fight with myself in order to rediscover that groove. i have felt the shifts and changes and some days felt deep bruising from the battling within. but what i know is this. it is worth every bruise, each moment of frustration and the smiles and giggles at the end are the reward.

so today, in the middle of working on new custom slices and packaging up shop orders. i sat down and took a little time to create a pretty little slice just of my own. soon she will be sitting on my mantle next to my little boggle altar and gently remind me each day to stay on task and for me. groove simply means continuing on my own path, at my speed and allowing re-starts whenever i need one.

this next year is just like every other year. i want to soak up this life with my pixies and watching each of them discovering their own paths. more bike rides in the warm air on clover ( dear snow, enough already – lets invite summer back), eating cleaner foods and allowing this year before my 50th rolls around in october to embrace the changes in my body, but maybe not letting them win. there is sharing new adventures with b and knowing that while there are days we don’t want to be in the same room with one another, there are more days that we catch each others eye and there are smiles. (jesus, how lucky am i.) and always…..creating the silly colorful things that seems to pop into my noggin suddenly when i think the well is dry.

groove. to me simply means continuing on this path. right where i am meant to be.

.    .    .    .    .

wordpacket 600x600 groove. word.

the shop has several bits that are full of the WORDcharm fun. hop on over and pick out a little reminder for your own space. or maybe share with someone too! i love getting to create each one. especially the custom orders. it is like a getting a little piece of someone’s sacred life. each pretty little slice is filled with warm happy color! they are the perfect size to tuck into a space, and are intended to be simple reminders of what you want your year to be. i would love to create one just for you.

one of my all time favorite songs. seems pretty appropriate. a little deee-lite.

carry. peace. on.

peace 536x600 carry. peace. on.
the most valuable possession you can own is an open heart. the most powerful weapon
you can be is an instrument of peace.
 carlos santana 

i have a lot going on in this little head of mine. the last few weeks have been marred by the “in your face” holiday glare and all that goes along with that. but today, day two of 365 i have slowed my mind and this body of 49 down. and i have spent much of the last 48 hours thinking about what i need. and more than anything i need peace. peace in my head. heart and on my face. you know like a smile. 

today. when i stepped out on my snow covered porch, to grab the mail. there in the stack of junk was a little envelope from the east. and as i tore open the paper, i instantly took a breath in. the blue card so simple and then i saw the words. 

stay positive and spread peace. 

yes. let’s all do that.

a little later i will be sharing what i will be working on this next year. ( i have had to not read any blogs about others words for 2014, because i am working hard to just allow my word to be just what it is meant to be. mine.)

xoxo, me.

.     .     .     .     .


this post is brought to you by my dear friend jennifer belthoff. if you haven’t met her yet, i highly suggest that you visit her and take in all her glory. she makes me think, slow down and own my light. and for that i am thankful. she runs a little something called LOVE NOTES! be sure to sign up for the next one.  (thanks chickadee).

KellyBWoodSlices 1 of 3 600x535 carry. peace. on.
(photo credit: alicia thelin.)

i love getting to see how happy customers and gift receivers are displaying their “pretty little slices.

alicia thelin was kind enough to share her thoughts about her new slices. it put a BIG smile on my face.  and she is also a wicked creative talent. she always is sharing really happy things! so go say hello! thank you alicia!!!!


one love 428x600 shine.
you sometimes think you want to disappear,
but all you really want is to be found.
~kid cudi

i have been sitting here. sitting here thinking about how all this works. and how so often you feel like you are just trudging through quick sand and you might even wonder why it seems to be such a smooth ride for others. and then while sitting here on the big green couch i remember one simple thing.  -  right, they are probably sitting on their couch, a little tired from the holidays and wondering the same thing from their end.

yeah. there is always that. so if you might be playing that little game in your head. don’t.

stop. shift your attention and carry on. because really we are all just working to make this life what we need it to be.


xoxo, me.

.   .   .   .   .   .   .


wordpacket 600x600 shine.

the shop is full. and i have added custom options for the pretty little wood slices. have you chosen your word for the next year? i am so happy about creating these little slices ready to hold your word. story. or mantra. each wood slice is meant to hold a story. maybe your story or a story for someone who is in need of an extra splash of love. so you get to choose!  and the little self-care bundle is a fun addition too! this could also be a happy surprise in the mail for a dearie who might need a little pick me up. just in time for the fresh start of a new year.

grace. sacred life.

IMG 8470 600x600 grace. sacred life.

there’s a certain grace in accepting what your life is and embracing all the good things that have been – but there’s still an expectation of good things to come. not necessarily what you expected.  emmylou harris

life over here has been CRAZY. the big holiday is just around the corner and the tree up.

the tree is up. no gifts wrapped. but it is so stinkin cute and filled with twinkles and happy color. and each nite i have been sitting on the couch, working up custom orders to be shipped out and i take that tree in. each nite.

the tree is up and it is a gentle reminder to slow my gait down. to take that deep breath that always brings me back to home.

i sat in a coffee shop this week with three others. what began as a drop off for an order become a little session of color. working up new ideas for this little town. giggling at silly stuff and just allowing the late afternoon to melt into early eve. i sat there feeling this gratitude soften my shoulders. but this time of year is never easy for me.  my shoulders tend to land by my ears, quite a bit. my jaw (i am sure) can be seen for blocks, clenched and tight. the truth sets deep in my heart. and so when i asked another how she gets through this season, always calm and sensible. and from my left i heard. grace.

yes. grace.

so i am over here, fumbling through lessons. working on letting go of what isn’t necessary.

the tree is up and each nite i sit on the couch. take that deep breath and find. home.


xoxo, me

.    .    .    .    .

IMG 7519 600x600 grace. sacred life.

i can’t tell you how happy it has been creating all the little wood slices, happy baubles and journals. the shop will remain open through the holidays. i will soon be adding custom options for your word of the year! have you chosen one yet? i am still tossing my options around. but maybe there is something that you already have your eye on! come on over and take a look. and if you want send me a note, it would make me so happy to create a special one for your own sacred space. ( grace: shown in the picture above is available!)

today. sacred life.

sacred mandela 600x404 today. sacred life.

lessons learned.
wits and ways tested.
paths moved. created and
changed for the better.

how about we each let our light shine.

xoxo. me.

.   .   .   .   .   .   .


swizzleship65 600x600 today. sacred life.
just because!
today through wednesday.
(12am – est.)

the shop is having a FLASH SALE!

any order over $40 a little wood slice (full of love) magnet will be tucked into your package. with care
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all the shop love has me smiling. new items will be heading to the shelves this week too!

.   .   . 

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a view. be merry.

IMG 8287 a view. be merry. IMG 8292 a view. be merry.IMG 8333 a view. be merry. IMG 8332 a view. be merry.IMG 8309 a view. be merry. IMG 8319 a view. be merry.
a snowy view into a weekend. goodness.

over here we shuffled through three days of snow. ice and setting up what has become my favorite part of this holiday season. the white tree. little did i know last year in a moment of stress, at the land of stress – walmart. that i would find a simple little tree that would bring me such glee. yep, i said glee.

typically i want a real tree. one from a farm where you go to cut it down and the smell of indiana pine is enough to put you in the corner, sucking your thumb. it really is that good. but the mister and i just never seem to get ourselves together long enough to hop in the car and take in the holiday. he really could careless and i always end up using weekends to work on shop orders, family holidays interrupt and just bad time management.

and this year i found the same thing happening. my throat felt tight. i was clearly becoming mccranks and felt like the season was getting the best of me again and not in a good way. friday i worked on putting together things for a saturday holiday show. i had everything all packed up and by the back door for early morning travels, and over night the snows fell and the roads froze. so i just decided to stay home and not risk wrecking our only car or not making it back home, because people we had a holiday block party that i really needed to be part of!

so instead, i dove in head first to emergency holiday decor 101. i strung the tree with lights. smiled as i added all the bits of color and tiny art of dearies and slowly. slowly. transformed this little house into holiday cheer. and then. then i was happy.

i often wonder why we allow this season to turn us into cranks. because it is about love. kindness. compassion. so today. i am going to hold on to just that and for the next two weeks. remind myself each day that my house is warm and cozy. the pixies will soon be home for movies, irish coffee and plenty of dark humor. that the dude i share a bed with couldn’t be a better partner. my parents are still kickin’ and they will be here too and our delilahblue still keeps us laughing with all her goofiness.

this girl. is surrounded by cheer.

allow yourself that too. because really…..

.   .   .   .   .   .   .

swizzleship65 600x600 a view. be merry.
just because!
today through wednesday.
(12am – est.)
the shop is having a FLASH SALE!

any order over $40 a little wood slice (full of love) magnet will be tucked into your package. with care
and if you order $65 or more be sure to use coupon code: SWIZZLESHIP65, for a little extra cheer. 

all the shop love has me smiling. new items will be heading to the shelves this week too!

ends…at the stroke of midnite.

twentyoff 428x600 the stroke of midnite.
sale ends. tonight!

wood slices – these happy little bits are killing me! you can read why  here.  here are some ways they might rock your world…..

  • a little reminder for someone who needs some extra love and hugs
  • what is your WORD! put your intention or mantra on a slice, for a simple reminder each day. 
  • teacher gifts – they deserve some happy!
  • mark a date! create a special slice that holds close a day that has really mattered.

soul.juice. collection – happy. colorful. baubles. these totally sass up any outfit.

prints. – my prints come matted and ready to pop into your favorite frame.

hand illustrated journals. – simple moleskine journals with an added pop of happy! these are the keeper of story. and i love how many of these have flown out the door. just the thought of others sharing their words, their art on each page makes me want to dance.

the misfits. – these are wonky color bombs! perfect gifts to share with friends and get one for you too! i have people stopping me to ask where i got mine! i love that.

like cinderella’s carriage. this sale ends at the strike of midnite. hurry over to catch up on a little holiday shopping and remember coupon code: SANTASLITTLEHELPER20 ends soon!

happy shopping.


mondaycharmcollage1 600x200 the stroke of midnite.