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IMG_4779oh summertime.

it has been quite a whirlwind over here. we are getting back to what most call “normal” life and i am hoping to soon have
a new design over here. a little clean up for the holiday season. so tell me. what have you been up to?

if you follow me on instagram or facebook, i am sure you have seen these images in the feeds. but honestly, i just wanted to post
a view of my world and get a nice little restart going. its been quite a while. so hey, i missed you. just so you know.

. . .  farm fresh . . .


tee shirts. cut off shorts and flip flops. ah summertime. love.

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  • missie bickel

    it’s so good to see you back at the keyboard again!! shine on, dear friend

    • kelly

      aw. thank you.
      this freshen up feels so good.

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