sprinkling color (sacred life.)


i’m restless.
things are calling me away.
my hair is being pulled by the stars again.
–anais nin

i have been a busy little bee in the studio. winter is still deep here in the middle and this girl (like so many) is dreaming of spring, windows wide up and the smell of fresh cut grass.  sprinkling new color is how i ignore the cold and warm up the inspiration. i adore these new malas that i have added to the sacred collection. each one has a focus and is ready to be a reminder of the daily practice. when i first began the collection, they were meant to be worn as a necklace and as i created more, i had many requests for more traditional l08 mala beads. these new malas each are filled with l08 beads.

over the years as i found my path, my voice i realized that more than ever i needed a new “happy place.” i learned how to create little alters from my friend, liz. i began a deeper journey with my art and i use the mala, carrying it with me many days,  to slow my breath, wrangle the ping pong balls in my head and to get back to what matters most. often, when i know i am going into the lions cage, i will grab one on my malas and put it in my pocket or slide it over my head, so that i can feel it snuggling up against my heart. (the holidays, i might be a good example.) and if i feel my heart begin to beat faster, you will find my gently holding the beads. this is my meditation. my practice.

if you are needing a little reminder, you might find it here…..

march_sacred collage

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