sprinkling color. — to market. to market.


goggle pillow citycomfy pillows.

baby2rainbow filled.

cheer3merry merry baubles.

little dear cardnaughty and nice
stacks of 5 or singles!


the studio has been so busy the last few weeks
new notecard sets, pillows and a few little dear originals will be heading out to the next two markets.
so many holiday gifts options. if you live near danville indiana or would love to hop in the
car and take a little drive. holly and scott snelling do such an amazing job with each of their markets.
if you love handmade and vintage wares, make a little time to get your merry shopping on!
i love setting up shop for these markets. i hope to see you there.


Hobnob Holiday 2015 FB Badgethe hobnob holiday market  —  danville gardens in danville, illinois!

the making merry party
5-9 pm Central
Friday, December 4

market day
9 am to 4 pm Central
Saturday, December 5

For more details…

to market

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