why I choose the colors, i do 

i know

i get asked a lot about the colors i choose and if there is intention behind them.  many days i just grab color, mix them up and just go with what lays down. i am a true lover of color and i really get happy playing around and seeing what happens. my misfits are proof of that (new misfits will be heading back to the shop in the next couple of weeks). but recently i have been sharing a new offering, the SACRED collection. these aren’t traditional malas, but are meant to be a reminder to slow down and soak up life. what i have found is, my designs and colors center around the chakras and the colors that i use most are those of the sun, the ocean and those of happy blossoms that sprout from the earth.

liz and i are deep in our ONE MOVE e-course. we are all digging in and creating ways to slow down and be clear on what we most want in life and today when i was finishing up a new original, i really was drawn to the calming lavender paint that sat in its pallet well. what i realized was violet shares space with our intuitive side and our crown….we have to move. trust. accept and be. because truly, we know. so yeah…..there is that.

there are several new pieces popping up in the shop this week. and it has been so fun wrapping up all the pieces from the SACRED collection and sending them off to their new homes.

so what colors are you most drawn to?

happy. happy. me.


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  • stephanie

    always teal.

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